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Four Motorcycle Anti-theft Tips

May 15 2019

Four Motorcycle Anti-theft Tips

Like other crimes, motorcycle theft can be an unfortunate part of life. However, there are several simple ways to keep a bike as safe as possible from thieves.

Park in High-visibility Areas 

Parking a new ride in an isolated or dimly-lit area makes stealing it even easier. Parking in a well-lit spot with security cameras and lots of foot traffic might be a little more expensive or further away, but the additional safety is worth it.

Always Take the Keys

Not leaving the keys in of a parked bike's ignition is common sense, but everyone makes mistakes. Sometimes, bikers will leave their keys in their motorcycle because they're just running inside to grab something. Unfortunately, a few seconds is all a thief needs. Even when parking in a garage or packing a bike away for winter, riders should store their keys separately from their bike in the case of a break-in.

Install an Anti-theft Lock and Alarm

Motorcycle locks can help to prevent a bike from being stolen, even if a thief has the keys or is able to hotwire it. Additionally, alarms that are triggered when the lock or bike is tampered with can help stop thieves in their tracks. Unlike cars, many motorcycles don't come with these anti-theft measures, so they have to be installed.

Have a Backup Plan

Even bikes that are locked securely can be stolen. Luckily, there are a few ways to make tracking down a stolen bike easier. Owners can customize their bikes with unique parts, making them as recognizable as possible. This makes the bike easier to identify and track down. Also, a GPS tracker can pinpoint the bike's location after it's been stolen.

Whether it's brand new or pre-owned, your motorcycle is a prized possession that you work hard to keep safe and properly maintained. Based in Cement City, the Town & Country Sports Center has a team of certified technicians with decades of experience. If you have questions about bike security or maintenance, call us today at 517.236.7203.