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How to Properly Store Your Bike for Winter

January 15 2019

How to Properly Store Your Bike for Winter

Winters in the Midwest can be pretty brutal, and even the most die-hard motorcycle enthusiasts know to pack it in for the coldest months of the year. When the bike isn't in use, proper storage will help keep the bike from suffering the worst of the weather outdoors, adding years to a bike's lifespan and keeping maintenance costs low. Here are three things to keep in mind when storing a motorcycle for the winter that will keep it ready to ride as soon as spring hits.

Combat Moisture 

Nothing ruins a motorcycle's shine like rust. Over the winter, metal on a bike accumulates moisture, which can lead to rusting if the bike is left on its own for an extended period of time. Before putting the bike away for the season, wash it and then completely dry it before applying a fresh coat of wax. The wax will act as a protective barrier between the metal and any moisture.

Check and Change All Fluids

First, change out the old oil on the bike. The gunky contaminants in old motor oil can cause corrosion inside the bike if it's just left to sit, even over just a few months. Prepare for sub-zero winter temperatures by topping up the antifreeze. Double check the clutch and brake fluid levels. Last, fill up the gas tank and use a fuel stabilizer to prevent the gasoline from gumming up over the winter.

Keep It Safe

While it goes without saying that a bike shouldn't be stored outside, it's also important to consider where and how it's being stored indoors. If it's in a garage with a window, the sunlight can fade the paint and do serious harm to the leather. Find an out-of-the-way spot that is cool and dark, and use a cover to keep the bike safe.

If you take your bike out of storage and something isn't working quite right, visit the experts at Town & Country Sports Center. Our service department will have you back on the road in no time. If you're not going to be around or you just don't have time to deal with your bike, let our team take care of it with onsite winter storage, including a full safety inspection for all bikes. Submit your winter storage request today, or call our team at 517-236-7203 to learn more.