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Stay Warm in Cold Weather With Heated Motorcycle Gear and Accessories

January 02 2019

Stay Warm in Cold Weather With Heated Motorcycle Gear and Accessories

A motorcycle ride in cold weather can be exhilarating, but riders should only attempt to brave the elements with the proper gear. Heated motorcycle gear and accessories not only make a chilly ride more enjoyable, but they can also keep riders safe from Michigan’s low temperatures. Here are a few key products every all-season rider should own.

Gloves and Liners

Since the hands play such a critical role in controlling the motorcycle, warmth here should be a priority. Heated gloves offer an additional layer of warmth over basic waterproof ones. Some pairs are wired directly to the bike, so riders should confirm that their motorcycle can handle the wattage required before buying a pair. Other pairs have their own chargeable power source. Instead of heated gloves, some riders opt for heated glove liners, which are battery-powered and are meant to be worn under regular gloves.

Jackets and Liners

Keeping the core warm is just as important as keeping the hands warm for a safe ride. Many heated jackets are padded for extra protection in the event of a crash, so riders don't have to sacrifice safety for comfort. Liners, the less expensive alternative, provide a layer of warmth intended to be worn under a normal riding jacket. This eliminates some of the bulk that comes with numerous layers. As with gloves, heated jackets and liners may wire directly to the bike or be independently powered by a battery.

Grips and Seats

Heated gear isn’t just made for the body—it’s made for the bike, too. Heated grips are among the most popular options, offering another way to keep hands warm. Heated grips can be mounted onto any motorcycle and are powered by the bike’s electrical system. There are a few different options to choose from. The first type of heated grip has the heating element embedded into the grip itself, while the second is actually a heating element that can be installed beneath existing grips. Heated seats are another popular item. Like heated grips, riders can replace their existing seats with heated ones or install a heating element to their current seats.

Start Shopping Today

Cold-weather riding isn’t for everyone, but Town & Country Sports Center offers heated gear and motorcycle parts for those looking to brave Michigan's seasonal chill on their motorcycle. We have everything you need to stay safe and warm even on the coldest winter rides. We also offer winter storage for those opting to store their bike for the winter. Visit the Town & Country Sports Center showroom today to start shopping or call us at 517.236.7203.