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Do You Need Special Insurance for an Off-road Vehicle?

November 27 2018

Do You Need Special Insurance for an Off-road Vehicle?

Whether it's a dirt bike, an ATV, or a side-by-side, off-road vehicles have a different function from regular cars and motorcycles, and, by their very nature, are more likely to sustain increased wear and tear. Does this mean that they require additional or special insurance?

When Off-road Insurance Is Necessary

Most states don't require insurance for an off-road vehicle unless it will be driven on a public street at all (which is illegal in Michigan under most circumstances). In addition, many state-owned and public parks require off-road insurance simply to ride on their trails. However, just because off-road insurance isn't legally required in most instances doesn't mean it's not a good idea to get coverage for an off-road vehicle.

Are Off-road Vehicles Covered Under Existing Insurance? 

Unfortunately, most homeowners and auto insurance policies don't automatically cover off-road vehicles. This can depend on the function of the vehicle and individual insurance company practices, but most off-road riders will have to secure additional policies for their vehicle.

What Does Off-road Insurance Cover?

Much like standard insurance, there are multiple types of off-road vehicle insurance policies. Comprehensive coverage could cover vehicles for fire, theft, vandalism, and most natural disasters. General liability coverage will protect the vehicle owner and cover medical costs if someone is injured while riding the vehicle. If there are any accessories, such as cargo racks, trailers, or snow plows, a comprehensive insurance policy may cover them, but they may need additional coverage.

How Much Does Off-road Insurance Cost?

Off-road insurance policies can be as low as $70 a year or as high as $1,000. These prices may vary based on how expensive the vehicle was, as well as if it has any custom modifications. Like with standard car insurance, young drivers or those with a history of moving violations may pay more, so staying safe while off-roading is a must.

Off-road vehicle insurance will cover your ATV, UTV, or off-road bike so you can ride with peace of mind. If you have any questions about getting started with an off-road vehicle, call Town & Country Sports Center at 517.236.7203 today.