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Targeting Aftermarket ATV Accessories: Four Must-Haves for Hunting Season

August 29 2018

Targeting Aftermarket ATV Accessories: Four Must-Haves for Hunting Season

He got up early and into that tree stand. He shot it. He tracked it into a steep ditch...now what? That sweet Can-Am won't get any hunter very far without the right aftermarket accessories to complete the job. Here are four ATV add-ons to install before fall.

1. Winch 

It's a consensus among veteran hunters that a winch is non-negotiable. Certain accessories, like roofs and windshields, are a matter of preference. But when it comes to winches, there's no argument that they're a necessity. While winches don't need to be used very often, when they are, it's worth having a quality one. Getting out of the mud or pulling that buck out of a ravine depends on it, and no one wants to kill a battery or break their equipment trying to make it happen.

2. Gun or Bow Rack

No one wants to drive with their gear on their lap. In addition to being an annoyance, it is actually illegal in Michigan to ride without the firearm stored in an enclosed case or equipped with and made inoperative by a key-locked trigger-housing mechanism. Those who drive smaller ATVs confront this problem most often, as there's not much room for anything but sitting. Aftermarket accessories can help, starting with a rack for your gun or bow. Shoot both? No problem. Grab a rack that can accommodate one of each or two of the same type.

3. Cargo/Rack Bags

That old duffle sitting in the garage might seem like a good idea, and maybe it'll work. But it's probably not worth taking the chance. Hunting equipment is not cheap, and weather and the woods can make for an unforgiving ride. All it takes is a bag tearing or coming unzipped one time to lose tons of equipment, and the chances of finding it all again, let alone in good shape, are pretty slim. Investing in a quality gear bag or rack bag is the best choice.

4. Cargo Rack

It doesn't do a whole lot of good to have a cargo or rack bag without a cargo rack! Different brands carry several sizes, colors, and mounting options specific to ATV types to ensure the most secure fit.

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