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First-time Rider? Follow These Tips for Finding the Right Ride and Staying Safe

August 03 2018

First-time Rider? Follow These Tips for Finding the Right Ride and Staying Safe

When motorcycles first hit the American market, there were only a few options to pick from. These days, there are practically as many motorcycles to choose from as there are cars. Here's a guide for any first-time buyers trying to pick the right ride and stay safe.

Money Matters

The average beginner bike may set a rider back between $5,000 and $10,000, which is much more affordable than a new car. However, motorcycle insurance can be more costly than car insurance, and regular maintenance should be factored into the budget. For new riders, working with a dealer can help shoppers compare pricing for different models, while also giving them access to more affordable financing options.

Knowing the Basics

There are many different makes, models, and types of motorcycles, but the best way to start narrowing them down is to determine basic preferences. For example, riders should consider how much the bike will be used and whether it will be driven in town or over long distances. While bikes range drastically in size, a medium-sized bike is often recommended for beginners. One must also consider seating position, weight, and power input. A standard seat is often most comfortable and easiest for beginners, as it can reduce the learning curve.

Play It Safe

Motorcycles offer excitement and convenience, but they can also be dangerous if not used correctly. GQ Magazine recommends that all beginner riders sign up for a new rider course approved by the Motorcycle Safety Foundation (MSF). These courses provide motorcycles and helmets and can prevent major danger and damage down the road. In fact, Town & Country Sports Center is the local source in Cement City for MSF-approved classes, in addition to an array of other courses for all skill levels. Explore available classes.

Customizations and Accessories

Pulling off the lot with a brand new bike is exciting, but many riders find even more thrill in customizing their bike to their ideal specifications with new parts and accessories. This can include aesthetic changes like chrome accents and paint jobs, but it can also mean upgrading wheels and handling. Combining this with personally-picked accessories will make the new ride feel more special.

Picking your first motorcycle is exciting, but to prevent it from being stressful, make sure you consult the experts. Reach out to Town & Country Sports Center for more information and learn more about our new models by calling us at 517-547-3333! You can even start your hunt for the perfect ride online by browsing our selection of new Harley-Davidsons.