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Should a Previously Inactive Motorcycle Rider Take a Refresher Course?

August 03 2018

Should a Previously Inactive Motorcycle Rider Take a Refresher Course?

For the savvy rider who hasn't been in the seat of a motorcycle for months or more, the question often arises whether a refresher course might be in order. Motorcycle riders are among the most vulnerable people on the road. According to data from the NHTSA, the most harmful event for 2,761 (54%) of the 5,076 motorcycles involved in fatal crashes in 2015 were collisions with motor vehicles in transport. Months at the steering wheel of a car can erode any cyclist's awareness of such issues as road surface hazards and visibility. Here are a few reasons why spending a day with a motorcycle safety course instructor can help keep riders safe while on the road, no matter the skill level.

Revive Lost Skills

Even in a basic safety course, the rusty rider is reintroduced to the skills that make cycling easier, more rewarding, and a lot safer. In many ways, it makes sense to seek help than to take a risk with former, unused skills. Among the primary purposes of a motorcycle training course is to instill and nurture a rider's confidence; restoring it makes the returning cyclist more stable and calm in stressful or potentially dangerous situations. Moreover, since those who have completed a motorcycle safety course class are less susceptible to accidents, insurance companies tend to offer significant discounts to them.

Start With a Basic Course

The Motorcycle Safety Foundation suggests a number of basic courses in essential skill enhancement and others designed specifically for street riding. One refresher option is a basic course for riders who desire to renew their expired permit or license. Other courses focus on redeveloping and polishing basic skills, like navigating turns easily, while dispensing with areas related to taking the formal examination.

Tackle an Intermediate Course

These courses are designed for experienced riders who want their skills to be assessed by a professional instructor to correct any bad habits and learn more difficult techniques that can improve the overall riding experience. Students will learn to increase perception and hazard awareness, improve braking, handle corner finesse with body leans, and prevent and avoid crashes. By becoming more skilled riders with advanced training, motorcyclists can be more apt to react to unexpected traffic instances on an instinctual level.

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